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A Therapy Dog like me provides a community service by offering a valuable sense of reassurance for unwell, elderly, stressed, lonely or depressed people. 

 I visit many different facilities & humans of all ages with a variety of needs in Naples, Florida & surrounding areas but I specialize in Memory Care.  Many elderly people suffer from dementia & other neurological diseases like Alzheimer's, which are chronic or persistent disorders of the mental processes caused by brain disease or injury and marked by memory disorders, personality changes, and impaired reasoning.  These people often feel very alone & do not respond well to family members & loved ones as they often no longer recognize them. These mental conditions are tough to live with and can prove heart-breaking challenges for families.

A visit from a happy, squishy, snuggly guy like me often brings a very rare smile & interaction, a valid communication which enriches their day immensely. Some people who I visit don't remember their own name. Amazingly some remember mine.  

Some facilities allow me share my visits on social media & you can often see my therapy visits on my Instagram or Facebook stories. I love what I do!