Welcome, our E Team Baloubies!

My first daughter Aquamarine is so happy to introduce to you our E Team Baloubies!
My Grand Baloubies were welcomed into the world on January 3rd, 2019 & consist of 2 boys: Eros & Elmo & 3 girls: Echo, Estée & Eclair.
At Casa Blue we feel overwhelmed with love. It is an honor & privilege to raise our first Frenchie litter from their first day in our home. (Previously we had the A to D Teams with us from their 4th to 8th weeks, after they had been weaned from their Mama’s until they went to their forever families). Frenchie Mama’s like Aqua deserve our utmost respect. They carry such precious cargo in their short compact bellies, gaining over 25% of their own body weight. They go through a C Section & then care for their babies with 2 - 3 hourly feedings over the first weeks. Aqua is totally devoted to her litter of 5 E Team Baloubies & we want to send a big thank you to Aqua’s PuppyDaddy, the breathtakingly handsome Fresh Prince & his humans. 
Aqua is the gift that keeps on giving & the Queen of Casa Blue & we couldn’t love our 5 new family members anymore than we do already!