French bulldog Rescues

Due to the popularity of French Bulldogs, countless puppy mills & "backyard breeders" exist. Many opportunists try out breeding with the purpose of making money. As explained in our FAQ, breeding ethically takes a LOT of time, care & financial investment. 

We often hear from families who regretfully didn't research their breeder & have unknowingly bought a puppy from unethical circumstances & they say they feel in hindsight that they actually  "rescued" their puppy from where they bought him or her. They saw a cute picture online of a seemingly cared for puppy in attractive surroundings or maybe even displayed in a crate in a pet store. But what about the parents of their puppy? Are they living as cherished family pets or is the reality that they are kept in cages, garages or virtual squalor, simply serving a purpose? Every prospective Frenchie owning family should inform themselves about breeding practices & be aware of puppy mills & unethical breeders & the suffering they cause.

The French Bulldog rescues are the ones who save breeding dogs when they are no longer needed by their cruel, heartless owners. A volunteer from Chicago French Bulldog Rescue explained to us that puppy mill puppies can cost as much as or even more than a Frenchie puppy from an ethical in-home family breeder, but that is where the similarities end. In many cases the breeding dogs are trapped in their small cages, for most hours of the day for their entire lives. They often do not see daylight or grass. They are mostly malnourished & abused.  They are given no veterinary care & the females are given C-Sections without any sedation or pain meds.

Puppy mills & unethical breeding practices need to be eradicated but with the lack of current animal protection laws thats very difficult. Awareness is everything. Research your breeder!

If you get the chance to adopt a Frenchie from a rescue, DO IT!

French Bulldog rescues do take in litters of puppies seized by the authorities in puppy mill, puppy broker or back yard breeder raids & they lovingly nurse back to health so many abused & neglected adult breeding Frenchies.  They do have notoriously long waiting lists for Frenchie adoptions but so do ethical in-home family breeders. The rescues also need the help of Frenchie lovers interested in volunteering or fostering the Frenchies they take in. There is surely no better place to gain hands on Frenchie knowledge & experience than as a volunteer at a French Bulldog rescue. 

Volunteer driven organizations like Chicago French Bulldog Rescue provide such a valuable service. Their energy & love for this breed knows no bounds. CFBR was launched by these amazing Frenchie advocates in order to protect French Bulldogs from all neglect, abuse, loss of family and theft. CFBR rehabilitate Frenchies from the most horrendous conditions. They non-judgmentally help families and individuals who can no longer care for their Frenchies. They are consistently working to educate all of us about French Bulldogs & ensuring rescued Frenchies are placed into into loving forever families. 

CFBR's social media tells vivid stories of their experiences. One of the recent tales that touched so many hearts were of the TEXARKANA 23. These 23 surviving puppies were found by authorities, crammed into a truck in 121 degree heat in Texarkana, Texas, with no water & struggling to breath. They were taken by the Humane Society of the United States to CFBR where they are now selflessly being cared back to health by the CFBR medical staff & volunteers.

The most talked about story of recent months is however that of CBFB's rescue Poppy.  Poppy, whose name was inspired by a field of the flowers seen from the car on her rescue journey to Chicago,  was one of the worst cases of neglect & abuse CFBR have ever seen. Now Poppy is poster-Frenchie proof of what pure love can do for a Frenchie, sparking her own hashtag
#PoppyStrong.  To see the photo documentation of this sweet, tiny warrior you can follow CFBR on Instagram or Facebook  & experience the hands on unconditional love & kindness of CFBR & the online community they have created, who help in any way they can, like simply spreading the message, gifting needed items or financial donations or sending words of encouragement & good wishes. The CFBR vibe is phenomenal.

Rescues like CFBR deserve our attention. They educate, save so many Frenchie lives & rehabilitate them, which allows these Frenchies to live their remaining years fully socialized, confident & surrounded by love. Rescues & all their volunteers are our absolute hero's & merit our greatest respect!