Our fav brands, Part 1

There isn't a time we go out without getting complimented on our Beaubelles Pooches Harnesses.

We first discovered the Beaubelles brand on Instagram in 2015 & after ordering a few of this original design harness with matching leash we became friends with the amazing lady behind this British small family business, who began producing these inspired by her very own 2 Frenchies, Beau & Belle. In July 2014 she established Beaubelles Pooches Harnesses. All are made by hand in the UK out of sturdy Italian leather in a variety of colors, incorporating a metal French Bulldog head motif or studs onto the breast plate. There are also limited editions & custom orders available. Now Beaubelles also produce harnesses for other breeds. 

Beaubelles are without a doubt our favorite French Bulldog harnesses around,  We have had many since 2015 that we have worn repeatedly & never once did we encounter a split seam or a broken buckle. Thats quality! Our beloved Baloubie's wear Beaubelles products too. Aqua & I both wear the size medium, just fastened on different holes. Check out Beaubelles Pooches for your dog!