My Baloubie’s mean the world to all of us at Casa Blue so when my D Team son, Meatball & his humans decided to come to Naples for the Thanksgiving weekend to celebrate his 1st Birthday we were over the moon! We had a pawty with dog cake, had a lot of hard core beach time, went out for dinner with the humans & had a snuggly night in. He even joined me working at a Therapy Dog visit & charmed all the residents. Meaty & me were basically inseparable for those few days & tons of frenchie wrestling, jowl chewing & snorting went on. Each of my Baloubies is a gift & when they have left for their human families, getting to to spend time with them is a privilege. I am so grateful to Meaty’s humans for giving him the best life ever & so happy they are a part of the Balou Blue Frenchie Family!

*See more of my son Meatball on his Instagram.