Summer in South West Florida

The summer here in Naples is hot hot hot. We love the heat & like most Frenchies we really enjoy laying out in the sun, but only with sun screen on our precious ears! We regularly go to the beach & go boating & we swim in the ocean with our life vests. Good times! We don’t go out for walks in the hottest times of the day because don’t want to burn our paws but we are early risers! Many residents of our town are seasonal so it is a lot quieter around here from May to October & we get to visit places that are more overrun in the cooler months. If you have a dog friendly business in Naples or surrounding area then feel free to email us & we will happily come by & spread some Baloubie love!

Me, Aqua & Echo love strolling the beaches of our home town, Naples FL

Me, Aqua & Echo love strolling the beaches of our home town, Naples FL

Sunrise Queen Aqua on Sanibel Island

Sunrise Queen Aqua on Sanibel Island

Family lunch at the    Island Cow    on Sanibel Island

Family lunch at the Island Cow on Sanibel Island

Our Epic E Team

We are so incredibly proud of our E Team Baloubies. Aqua was the most pawfect Mama we could have imagined & she raised such confident & well rounded little souls. They lit up her & our lives. They melted hearts around the globe via our Instagram & Facebook accounts & they now live with wonderful families who have become friends & with whom we plan to stay in contact with forever.

The experience was bitter sweet, due to the unbelievably traumatic loss of our most precious little E Team Baloubie man, Elmo, who then became Biggie Smalls. Our poor Biggie lost his life due to aspiration pneumonia, as documented on our social media accounts. Aspiration pneumonia happens when gastrointestinal contents are inhaled into the lungs, resulting in a secondary inflammation and infection of the lung. The inflammation, excessive fluid and mucus accumulates fast within the lower airway, causing difficulty breathing & in the worst cases in loss of life. Biggie Smalls, our E Team angel was too young & tiny to fight even though we did all we could to try to save him. Biggie was a beautiful, bouncy, curious but shy little nugget with the hugest blue eyes & softest fur. When he curled up his countless rolls made him look like a fluffy little croissant. Biggie Smalls will always be a huge part of our Baloubie story & we will never ever forget him.

Our blue E Team boy, Eros became Pablo & now lives his best life in Houston with 2 English Bulldog siblings, Lola & Chubbs. Our little blue fawn Eclair is now Honey Boo Boo & lives in Detroit area with her Uncle, A Team Baloubie Mister Knuckles. It makes us so happy that they are together! Our E Team Estée has moved to the Baltimore area where she will follow in my & Aqua’s footsteps & train to work as a therapy dog alongside her psychotherapist human Mom, which makes us so proud. Last but not least, Echo has remained with us at Casa Blue.

The E Team Baloubies brought us so much love & happiness & some heartbreak too. We love them all to the moon & back & are so grateful to have them in our lives & in our hearts.

See more of our E Team Baloubies, Pablo, Honey Boo, Estée & Echo on Instagram.


Welcome, our E Team Baloubies!

My first daughter Aquamarine is so happy to introduce to you our E Team Baloubies!
My Grand Baloubies were welcomed into the world on January 3rd, 2019 & consist of 2 boys: Eros & Elmo & 3 girls: Echo, Estée & Eclair.
At Casa Blue we feel overwhelmed with love. It is an honor & privilege to raise our first Frenchie litter from their first day in our home. (Previously we had the A to D Teams with us from their 4th to 8th weeks, after they had been weaned from their Mama’s until they went to their forever families). Frenchie Mama’s like Aqua deserve our utmost respect. They carry such precious cargo in their short compact bellies, gaining over 25% of their own body weight. They go through a C Section & then care for their babies with 2 - 3 hourly feedings over the first weeks. Aqua is totally devoted to her litter of 5 E Team Baloubies & we want to send a big thank you to Aqua’s PuppyDaddy, the breathtakingly handsome Fresh Prince & his humans at San Diego Royal Frenchies. 
Aqua is the gift that keeps on giving & the Queen of Casa Blue & we couldn’t love our 5 new family members anymore than we do already! 


Aqua is growing the family

My beautiful first daughter Aquamarine is the only Baloubie so far who lives with me at Casa Blue. We are extremely devoted to each other. I am her protecter, her teacher, her Big Poppa but Aqua & me are also best buds & pawtners in crime. Aqua is small in stature with a huge personality. She has endless positive energy & an infectious personality, adores all her siblings & has always been extremely loving & maternal. Aqua & her A Team siblings will turn 2 on March 7th 2019. Just like all her siblings, Aqua makes me very proud, but now more than ever as she is going to make me a Grand Poppa!

My first Grandbabies, the E Team Baloubies will be arriving in the world in January 2019 & our Baloubie family couldn’t be happier! This is a beginning of a new adventure & I am so happy that Aqua will continue the Balou Blue family line! Aqua’s Baby Daddy is the stunning Fresh Prince from the pacific coast of California.

We cannot wait to meet our precious E Team & to introduce them to you!



My Baloubie’s mean the world to all of us at Casa Blue so when my D Team son, Meatball & his humans decided to come to Naples for the Thanksgiving weekend to celebrate his 1st Birthday we were over the moon! We had a pawty with dog cake, had a lot of hard core beach time, went out for dinner with the humans & had a snuggly night in. He even joined me working at a Therapy Dog visit & charmed all the residents. Meaty & me were basically inseparable for those few days & tons of frenchie wrestling, jowl chewing & snorting went on. Each of my Baloubies is a gift & when they have left for their human families, getting to to spend time with them is a privilege. I am so grateful to Meaty’s humans for giving him the best life ever & so happy they are a part of the Balou Blue Frenchie Family!

*See more of my son Meatball on his Instagram.


Are you feeling Halloweeny?

It’s that spooky time of year again when us dogs wear costumes for the entertainment of you humans! Here at Casa Blue we aren’t so big on costumes as the climate means it is an inside only activity. Also we sometimes get grumpy when dressed up so we have to be in the right mood as our human doesn’t like to force us. Despite this, over the years we have worn a few cute costumes for the small fee of a tasty treat. Halloween is a big deal & costumes are compulsory, right?! Here is a collection of our favs, worn by me, my daughter Aqua & my C Team son, Babar. Wishing you all a fun, happy & safe Halloween season from my me & my entire Balou Blue Frenchie Family.


Our fav brands, Part 1

There isn't a time we go out without getting complimented on our Beaubelles Pooches Harnesses.

We first discovered the Beaubelles brand on Instagram in 2015 & after ordering a few of this original design harness with matching leash we became friends with the amazing lady behind this British small family business, who began producing these inspired by her very own 2 Frenchies, Beau & Belle. In July 2014 she established Beaubelles Pooches Harnesses. All are made by hand in the UK out of sturdy Italian leather in a variety of colors, incorporating a metal French Bulldog head motif or studs onto the breast plate. There are also limited editions & custom orders available. Now Beaubelles also produce harnesses for other breeds. 

Beaubelles are without a doubt our favorite French Bulldog harnesses around,  We have had many since 2015 that we have worn repeatedly & never once did we encounter a split seam or a broken buckle. Thats quality! Our beloved Baloubie's wear Beaubelles products too. Aqua & I both wear the size medium, just fastened on different holes. Check out Beaubelles Pooches for your dog!