Happy forever families


Babar, C Team

I met Elisabeth and Balou in Naples in the Spring of 2017. The only reason we met was because my son Quinn was an ardent follower on social media of a French Bulldog named Balou. Little did I know he was bound and determined to meet Balou. He was persistent and Elisabeth graciously agreed to meet us at a sports field. Balou was more than just any dog. He played soccer with Quinn, was super focused & loving and kind and obviously devoted to Elisabeth.  I sat on the grass & he came to me and laid right with me & proceeded to kiss my face repeatedly as the tears streamed down my cheeks.  Balou already knew something was so wrong and wouldn’t leave my side. You see, I was in Naples retuning to our second home where the past May, while on vacation for my husbands birthday, I came home from the beach to find my perfectly healthy husband had passed away from sudden death. My life changed forever. My heart shattered. But now... we have a ten month old Baloubie named Babar and we are in love. He has given me a reason to get out of bed, he is Balou down to his love and mannerisms . He loves us to the moon and back and we return that love in full. I never regret a penny spent. He is priceless & I can't live without him.  

 Mary Jo

Maryland / Naples FL


Oliver, C Team

When my oldest of 3 dogs passed away I was devastated. People kept saying get another puppy...but I just wasn’t ready. Fast forward 2 years...i was already a French bulldog lover, having a 7 year old of my own, way before frenchies became the IT dog. As the craze began I was deeply disturbed to witness the over breeding and mass marketing of a breed I knew and loved. Social media was flooded with frenchie accounts...many gorgeous pups with loving families...but also so many obvious puppy factories with no regard to the health and wellness of their puppies...selling them like a product on the internet. Then I discovered Balou and Elisabeth...and I was hooked. Here was a gorgeous French bulldog living his best life...and then came the first litter of puppies he sired. Suddenly I was ready again! In a million years I never thought I’d be chosen to raise one of his amazing puppies...but I had to at least try. I messaged his account... introducing myself and giving a overview of my life and my dogs’ lives. Much to my surprise I received a message back from Elisabeth encouraging me to submit an application. After many emails, telephone conversations and FaceTime interviews I hit the Baloubie jackpot. I was being considered as an owner of a TBD litter. I was so impressed by the amount of time and thought Elisabeth put into choosing the lucky owners. From that day on I was treated like a member of the family. Elisabeth provided me with constant updates, pictures and videos from the day the litter was born... until he was hand delivered to me from 1,300 miles away. Oliver was everything I wanted and more. Ten months later I am still in regular contact with Elisabeth and the entire Baloubie family. Never before have I had such an experience with such concern in the placement of pups and a continued interest in their lives as they go forward. Casa Blue sets the standard by which everyone else is measured!


New Jersey

Mister Knuckles, A Team

With all of the scams, poorly bred Frenchies and puppy mills out there, finding the right French Bulldog breeder is beyond important. In fact, we casually looked around for the right breeder for a handful of years, but nothing felt right...until we found Mister Knuckles. Elisabeth has been nothing short of amazing and is always there to share advice and guidance. She’s truly passionate about the breed and treats her dogs like family members (as opposed to many other breeders, who only look at their dogs as a paycheck), and it shows! We constantly get compliments on our frenchies’ ultra friendly demeanor; he’s never met a person, dog or situation he didn’t enjoy and brings a smile to people’s face wherever he goes! Not to mention his looks! We can’t go out in public without our little dude turning heads and making new friends. Even our veterinarian is beyond impressed with his health and conformation, making a point to let us know “Wow you really found a good one” every time we come in for a visit. Needless to say, I highly recommend Balou Blue. We really couldn’t have asked for a more perfect addition to our family!

Rochelle & Joey


Cosette, C Team

I have followed Balou and Aqua on Facebook for a long time. I think they are everyone’s favorite Frenchies! I was interested in a pup with good bloodlines who would also be a loving companion. I knew I wanted one of Balou’s puppies! I appreciate how through every step of the process, Elisabeth was right there to guide and support our mutual expectations.  I could tell Elisabeth genuinely cared about the Baloubies as family members, and I couldn’t imagine getting a dog from anyone else! From the moment I met my “Cosette”, I fell head over heels in love with her. She is the most affectionate, smartest and truly most beautiful puppy. Everywhere we go she steals the show! I really appreciate after 10 months Elisabeth is still checking on Cosi and asking us to come visit for another play date with Big Poppa and Aqua....and any other siblings that may be visiting! Thank you for a wonderful puppy picking experience!


Connecticut / Naples FL

Otto, B Team

Balou and his human Elisabeth gave us the best gift imaginable, our Otto. The whole experience from start to finish was extremely positive and we remain in close contact. Otto was the most perfect puppy and has grown to be the most loving, easy going, and handsome french bulldog we could ever ask for! 

Layne & Zach



Meatball, D Team

From before we were seriously considering getting a French Bulldog puppy, both Nico & I had followed Balou and his human Elisabeth and thought that it would be such an honor to be able to be pawrents to one of his puppies!  The process of getting our Meatball was pretty unconventional in the world of getting a puppy, but we wouldn’t have traded it for the world!  We are forever grateful to Balou & Elisabeth for giving us the best gift we could have ever gotten.  Meatball is our first dog together, so naturally we had and still have a million different questions.  Elisabeth has been really great throughout the whole process.  As soon as we spoke with her about getting Meatball, we instantly felt a connection and felt that getting him was meant to be!  Elisabeth always takes the time to answer every single one of our questions, no matter what it’s about.  We don’t have enough good things to say about our whole process and Elisabeth and Balou, and couldn’t have asked for a better puppy than our Meatball

Natalie & Nico

New Jersey

 Zuzu, d Team


From beginning to end, Elisabeth took special care in guiding us through the process. She was extremely communicative and did everything possible to ensure a perfect match for our family. We appreciated her concern for proper placement and her expertise regarding the breed. Our sweet Zuzu Baloubie was delivered to us as a healthy, confident, extremely well socialized, and very loving little pup. We will be forever grateful for Elisabeth, Balou, Aqua, and everyone at Casa Blue! 

Julie & Michael



Ciel, C  Team

We were looking for a fun friendly dog to add to our family. Our friends introduced us to Balou and I was instantly obsessed with him. When we had our first FaceTime call, an instant connection with Ciel and Elisabeth was made. We were so happy and lucky to be chosen to receive a Baloubie. My daughters were over the moon that the puppy with the rainbow beads was ours. Elisabeth was there every step of the process and she answered any questions or concerns we had. Ciel is so sweet and loving. She has been wonderful with my two young daughters and we love her so much!!

Jennifer & Matthew